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Instructional objectives

Our education goals are to cultivate our students with ability for solving chemistry-related problems in their future careers, awareness of responsibilities for the betterment of society and environment, and life-long learning attitude in their professional fields. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate "specialization-focused, humanities-attentive, and professional" chemists. We expect to cultivate students with the following abilities:

(1) The ability to understand and apply knowledge of mathematics, science or technology.

(2) The ability to design or planning experiments and test execution.

(3) The use of tools or test equipment capability.

(4) The ability to analyze experimental data processing.

(5) Logical speculation and problem-solving skills.

(6) The ability to communicate and coordinate teamwork.

(7) Emphasis on professional ethics and social responsibility capabilities.

(8) Understanding current issues, people understand science and technology, environmental, social and global impact on cognitive ability, and the ability to continue learning.